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Feathered Wreath
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HEART Feather Guide Template Set

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Every quilt has a story and every professional longarm quilter has a story about the frustrations and problems they have completing a quilt.  Many times these stories are not about major problems—like taking out the stitching from a half completed quilt (Ask me how I know this!!) but minor frustrations that take up valuable time.  From the  minor frustrations I have experienced working with templates in general and feathers in particular, I have created the NEW, HEART Feather Guide Template set

Let's go back in time a little bit - several years ago I created the Circle Feather Guide Templates which make fabulous feathered wreaths. As I was working with these templates I wondered if there were other shapes that could be made into feather guides to make other feather shapes. I worked with this idea for a long time and finally created the HEART Feather Guide Template set.

This TWO TEMPLATE set makes an amazing
FOUR different sizes of heart shapes:

12 inches wide, 12 inches long
9 inches wide, 9 inches long
6 inches wide, 6 inches long
3 inches wide, 3 inches long

All of the heart shapes can be quilted with feathers - in many different ways. The number of variations of feathered hearts you can make is nearly limitless! You can even use the HEART Feather Guide Template set to create wonderful heart borders! Look at the photos below (click here) and see what can be created!

As with every Longarm University template, along with the template set you will receive a photo illustrated, step by step, instruction manual on how to use these templates.

This template set works with ALL brands of quilting machines with a workspace of about 13 inches.

Below are some photos of some of the feathered heart wreaths you can make with the new, HEART Feather Guide Template set. I quilted these feathered hearts on a scrappy 9 Patch quilt.

All of the Longarm University templates are unconditionally guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with your templates, send them back and I will even pay for the return postage. I want you to be TOTALLY happy with your templates!

Watch the FREE, online video tutorial to see how these feather wreaths are created. To view the tutorial Click Here

Click on each photo for a larger, more detailed view.
Note: All heart measurements are at their widest part and their length.

12 inch feathered heart, vertical placement

12 inch DOUBLE feathered heart, diagonal placement 9 inch feathered hearts, diagonal placement

close up of one of the
9 inch feathered hearts

close up of the other
 9 inch feathered heart. Notice the difference between these two hearts.

four, 6 inch heart stitched in a 14 inch quilt block. Notice the two different styles of heart design.

Remember, you also receive a 20+ page, photo illustrated, step by step, instruction manual on how to use these templates!

Close up of one, 6 inch feather wreath
Close up of the other
6 inch feather wreath
The photos below are from a Sample Quilt which shows many of the feathered heart designs you can create from this NEW template!

The instructions for this quilt are included in the
Feather Heart Guide Instruction Manual.

Click on the photos for a larger view.
Full View of the sample quilt. The body of the Sample Quilt. I love the all the hearts and feathers! The top half of the Sample Quilt. Notice the Feather Wreath Border!
The bottom half of the Sample Quilt. Notice another Feather Wreath Border! A view of the back of the quilt. I love the texture of the quilting!  

HEART Feather Guide Template Set
video tutorial Click Here


HEART Feather Guide

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NEW!! HEART Feather Guide Template Set
video tutorial Click Here


HEART Feather Guide Template Set

Includes 20+ page step by step, photo illustrated, instruction manual and Sample Quilt instructions


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