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Products used in these videos: Diagonal Ruler, Grid Stencil, Temporary Basting Spray, Extended Base Unit, Needle Nose Bottle, Fray Check, Snip EZ

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Mini Tutorial
Crosshatching with the
Diagonal Rulers

Below are the basic instructions for creating Cross Hatching with my Diagonal Rulers.   Included with each ruler is complete, step-by-step, photo illustrated instructions.

Click on the photos for a larger view

With fabric on the machine, draw a grid on the fabric.

For 1 inch Crosshatching, use the 1 Stencil Grids. I know, how can 1 grids make 1 inch Cross Hatching? It's a math "thing"! Just trust me, it WORKS!!

For "not quite" 1 Cross Hatching use the 2 inch Stencil Grids.  Again, it's that math thing, but it truly works!

For best results I recommend the Stencil Grids designed for these templates. On light fabrics I like to use the Mark Be Gone water soluble fabric marking pen.  On dark fabric I like to use Miracle Chalk in a Chalk O Liner dispenser.

Place the etched lines of the  Diagonal Ruler on top of the drawn grid lines. 
(To keep template from slipping I spray a small amount of temporary spray fabric adhesive on the etched side of the ruler.) Use either the solid lines OR the dashed lines. When the etched lines of the ruler match the drawn grid lines you will notice that the straight edge of the ruler is about 1/4 inch away from the intersections of the grid lines.  This is correct! The ruler has been cut to compensate for the width of the hopping foot of the quilting machine.   Stitch the diagonal line.  Notice how after stitching the diagonal lines goes through the intersection of the drawn grid.


Continue moving the ruler, lining up the etched and drawn lines and stitching the diagonal lines. The photo at the left  shows several lines of diagonal stitching. 

After stitching the diagonal line in one direction, move and place the ruler  to begin stitching the other diagonal lines.  The photo at the left shows the  placement of the ruler for the opposite diagonal lines and a few stitched lines. You will now see the Cross Hatching grids starting to form. 

After stitching several more rows you now have Cross Hatching!

To keep the Cross Hatching from pulling out I like to ad a small dab of Fray Check on each stop and start.

Click on photos for a larger view


Cross hatching between feathers. 

Notice how the diagonal lines intersect at the points of the stars. 

The Stars were quilted with the Sashiko Stars template.

The diagonal lines are stitched accurately at the circle intersections. 

The circles were quilted with the Circles & Waves template.

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