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Feather Guide Circle Templates

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NEW! Video Feather Guide Tutorials!

Every quilt has a story and every professional longarm quilter has a story about the frustrations and problems they have completing a quilt.  Many times these stories are not about major problems—like taking out the stitching from a half completed quilt (Ask me how I know this!!) but minor frustrations that take up valuable time.  From the  minor frustrations I have experienced working with templates in general and feathers in particular, I have created the Feather Guide Circle Templates. 

I was working on several quilts that needed feather borders to compliment the piecing of the quilt.  I started using the “regular” circle templates to mark guide lines for spacing the depth of the feathers.  I soon realized that these circle templates did not allow for the 1/4 inch offset from the hopping foot of the quilting machine.  I was having to do a lot of extra marking on the quilt top and a lot of adjusting to the depth of my free hand feathers and I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results I was achieving.  So, to make my life easier, I had my own templates made. 

I was amazed with the results I was getting with these new templates — my feathers were more uniform, I was spending less time marking and adjusting my guide lines and I loved the border designs I was creating. 

I received many compliments about my feathered borders and other longarm quilters wanted to know my secrets.  I am now manufacturing the Feather Guide Circle Templates and including  instructions on how to use them to create many different and elegant designs for both borders and blocks.

I am proud to offer my Feather Guides to you so that you, too, can make these great feather quilting designs.

To view a mini tutorial and view the designs that can be made from the Feather Guides instructions Click Here.

To view photos of quilts that have been quilted with the Feather Guides Click Here

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NEW!! Feathered Wreath Online Video Class using the Longarm U Feather Guides.
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Feather Guide Templates

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NEW! Video Feather Guide Tutorials Click Here

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