5 Pointed Star Pattern

5 Pointed Star Pattern Test Photos

Several weeks ago I sent out an email asking if there were any quilters who would like to test my new 5 Pointed Star piecing pattern. I was amazed by the response and the willingness of other quilters to help me.

A couple of people have sent photos of their star blocks and some even put the stars into their own quilts, or created quilts with these stars.

If you are still working on stitching your 5 Pointed Star(s) block, that's OK. I know how "life" can get in the way. As soon as your star blocks are finished, please send photos of the block(s) to me longarmu@aol.com. I will post your photos on this page.

The following blocks were made by Sue S.

Click on any photo for a larger view and slide show.

This was the first block Sue made.

Then she got busy and made the next few stars.

She took these stars and made this cute wall quilt!

Then she make MORE stars!!


These stars will be in a future charity quilt.

These photos were sent by Donna.

Click on any photo for a larger view and slide show.

A Large Star

A Small Star

A Table Runner,
which I love!

Your 5 Pointed Star Photos Belong Here!!